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24 Feb 2023

Arriva Group announces new bus and rail contract in The Netherlands

Arriva Group announces new bus and rail contract in The Netherlands: Twente contract awarded to Arriva Netherlands

  • Contract awarded for four years, plus one year option to extend.
  • Lifespan of contract estimated at value of €300 million.
  • Bus and rail services start in December this year (2023).

Arriva Group has been awarded the Twente-ZHO concession for both bus and rail services in the east of The Netherlands, part of the province of Overijssel, following a competitive tender process.  This latest win will further grow the company’s footprint and strengthen its position as the largest privately operated regional bus and train operator in the country.

Services are due to start operating in December this year (2023) and the contract will run for four years with an option to extend for another year, up until 2028.

To serve passengers in the region, Arriva will operate over 100 completely new zero emission buses and around nine trains from its existing fleet.  The company will also welcome 450 new colleagues to service the contract, which is estimated to be valued at €300 million through the life of the contract. 

Arriva was successful in its bid because it will take a holistic view of the transport infrastructure across the region and has plans to introduce changes to the timetable to ensure faster journey times on inter-city connections and focus on improved accessibility for the elderly and those with disabilities, who rely on public transport.

Arriva will also be improving the connection between buses and trains to ensure a seamless transition between modes of transport and is examining walking distances and how public transport connects with cycling routes.  All of this will improve the appeal of public transport for wider parts of the community.

Anne Hettinga, Managing Director Arriva Netherlands and Arriva Group board member said: “We have an ambition to grow Arriva in the Netherlands and to boost access to public transport for passengers, so we can encourage people out of their cars and onto our services.  Encouraging modal shift to public transport is one of the fastest ways of reducing transport emissions and an important step in caring for our planet.  We look forward to continuing to make public transport more and more attractive for the communities in Twente.”

As a leading passenger transport company, Arriva wants to help shape a future where passenger transport is considered the best choice. Partnership with passenger transport authorities and municipalities across Europe is at the heart of this ambition.

Arriva recognises that the public transport industry has a very real role to play in transforming towns and cities and helping to address the climate crisis.  By encouraging people to leave their cars at home, there will be less congestion in urban areas which will in turn encourage more use of public transport.

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Twente contract awarded to Arriva Netherlands: Twente contract awarded to Arriva Netherlands

Twente contract awarded to Arriva Netherlands