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10 Feb 2003

Commitment to access for disabled customers strengthened by improved information

Arriva Yorkshire has a strong record of working towardsimproving access for disabled customers and is now taking steps tosupport this through improved communications to employees andcustomers. Information about access to Arriva Yorkshire's servicesfor people with mobility problems and other disabilities, plusdisability awareness training, are now being rolled out to allareas of bus operation in Yorkshire.

Arriva Yorkshire has received recognition for its work fordisabled customers – winning an RNIB award for a model bus routeand two Bus Industry Awards for its innovative Announce project.However, there is still some confusion amongst both wheelchairusers and drivers about which buses can carry wheelchairs, and whattypes of wheelchair can be accommodated. To address this, twoseparate leaflets have been produced which answer both thesequestions and also raise awareness for both customers and employeesof other related disability issues.

Arriva Yorkshire's commercial development manager, Colin Newburysaid:

We take disability and mobility issues very seriouslyand this commitment has been recognised by a number of awards. Thenext logical step is to ensure that information both for, and aboutthe needs of, disabled customers is clear and widelyavailable.
Customers who use wheelchairs or have otherdisabilities have the same desire and need to travel as all otherbus users and it is important that information about accessiblevehicles is clear and effectively promoted.

Customer information leaflets will be available from localtravel centres from Friday 14 February and will be distributed todisability groups throughout Yorkshire.