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06 Feb 2003

My funny valentine?

We are told that many people will find their true love andlifetime partner at work – but who says the love of your lifecouldn't instead be somebody you travel to work with?

Every day thousands of commuters catch the same bus, from thesame stop, at the same time, and often with the same people. ThisValentines Day could be the day that someone who has caught youreye plucks up the courage to say hello, or that you do more thanjust smile shyly at them and actually say hello yourself.

Arriva is encouraging potential suitors to take the opportunityof Valentines Day to say hello and introduce themselves to theobject of their affection and see whether romance may bloom 'on thebuses'.

We have surveyed regular customers and they say thatbeing able to strike up a conversation with someone is one of thethings they like about bus travel. As long as people are respectfuland genuine there is no reason why romance shouldn't blossom asmuch as friendship.